Blend is a financial technology startup focused on making lending simpler, faster, and safer.
During my internship I worked on our platform team building out their microservice architecture. I worked on 3 projects during the summer.

My first project was a tool that looked for outdated packages in our repositories and merged non-breaking package updates. This tool allowed for automated code maintenance and improved application security.

My second project updated our authorization service to allow customer support to issue API credentials to customers. Previously, this was done manually by engineers. My feature allowed on-call engineers to focus on more pressing, revenue-impacting problems.

My third project was a deploy hook to document feature deployment dates. If a feature was behind a feature flag, this would track which environments it was deployed to and when. This allowed engineering leadership to measure aggregate organizational output and report this data to customers.

I came back to Blend September 2019, and I work there now. I’m on the Infrastructure team, which provides tooling and Kubernetes clusters to the engineering organization. My most recent project added SNI support to the TLS proxy sidecar we attach to deployed services. This allows engineers to provide custom certificates for their services, and for in-cluster requests to be routed locally. Supporting in-cluster requests decreased request latency and unnecesary traffic, resulting in performance improvements across all deployed services and a lower AWS bill to the company.

Technologies used:

  • Typescript
  • React.js
  • Go
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS